A partial owner of a security, or the holder of some property. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
See: lessee. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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tenant ten‧ant [ˈtenənt] noun [countable] LAW PROPERTY
a person or organization that pays rent in order to live or work in a house, room, office etc:

• The building is mainly occupied by large commercial tenants.

ˈanchor ˌtenant LAW PROPERTY
one of the most important tenants in a particular building, shopping mall etc; = PRIME TENANT:

• Bankers won't lend to a shopping mall development until anchor tenants have been found.

ˈlife ˌtenant LAW PROPERTY
a tenant who has a legal right to use a building or land for as long as he or she lives:

• She was the life tenant of a substantial estate.

ˌprime ˈtenant
1. LAW PROPERTY another name for anchor tenant
2. PROPERTY a business tenant of the best quality for example because their name is famous:

• We would be able to attract prime tenants if we could show them a completed top-quality building.

ˌsitting ˈtenant LAW PROPERTY
a tenant that cannot be forced to move if a building is sold
ˌstatutory ˈtenant LAW PROPERTY
a tenant who has the right to stay in a property even after their tenancy agreement with the landlord has come to an end — see also subtenant

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tenant UK US /ˈtenənt/ noun [C] LAW, PROPERTY
a person or organization that uses a building or land and pays rent to its owner: »

We are hoping to lease the four-story building to a single tenant when it's completed this fall.


Both parties, landlord and tenant, will be bound by any express terms in the contract.

See also ANCHOR TENANT(Cf. ↑anchor tenant), LIFE TENANT(Cf. ↑life tenant), PRIME TENANT(Cf. ↑prime tenant), SITTING TENANT(Cf. ↑sitting tenant), STATUTORY TENANT(Cf. ↑statutory tenant)

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